Ut-Oh Gotcha Pumpkin

Prepare to enchant your ghostly gathering with the mischievous charm of the Ut-Oh Gotcha Pumpkin, a delightful Halloween creation designed by the imaginative hands at Bethany Lowe Designs. Picture this: a skeletal hand emerging from the ground, clutching a startled Jack-O-Lantern. 

Perched upon a realistic wooden base adorned with natural moss, this unique Halloween piece injects a dash of playfulness into your spine-tingling decor. Simply remove the lid and place a battery operated candle inside and watch the eyes, nose, and mouth glow. Whether welcoming the ghouls and goblins or enchanting your haunted house, the Ut-Oh Gotcha Pumpkin is sure to conjure delight and spooky excitement wherever it's placed. (Note: Candle not included, but the magic is!)

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